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Remote work in the lense of: Raymundo Díaz

Name: Raymundo Díaz
Position: Head of Growth @4Geeks
Location: Mexico City
Devices: Macbook Pro & Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I’m really passionate about working through time blocks. IMHO it’s the best framework to work on the daily basis because it allows me to arrange the most important things upfront.

5:30 am a 7:00 am

I’m the driver of my family. In the morning I take my wife to work and our little daughter is asleep, but she is with us. Many years ago I hated getting up early or it was hard for me but I already like it. I have the feeling that the day lasts longer and a plus is being able to see the sunrise.

7:00 am a 9:00 am

At home the baby sleeps a couple more hours and I take advantage of doing the most important thing in this couple of hours. I really like this block of hours because I have everything quiet and I focus more. I’ll tell you what I do in my largest block of time …

9:00 am a 11:00 am

The hour of madness. At around this time my baby wakes up and needs to be prepared for daycare and fed. It is our father and daughter moment. As he generally wakes up in a very good mood, we play, sing, dance and laugh a lot.

When we have everything ready we go to the nursery. Sometimes very late, sometimes very early …

11:00 am a 4:00 pm

At home alone I get to work on my biggest block of time the day after bathing. I take the opportunity to watch videos and listen to music while I work, I just remove my scandal when I have a video call. Hey but I also eat and do little housework in this block.

I generally perform repetitive or mechanical tasks that do not require my full attention unless I warrant it, so if I turn down the volume on the tablet I have on the side.

I take the last minutes to prepare my daughter’s backpack where I put her food and some toys.

4:00 pm a 6:00 pm

At this time I see the outside light again and go for my daughter and my wife, in that order.

As my wife arrives from work an hour after spending time with my daughter, I take advantage of that time to play with her for a while and feed her.

As we are in the car this time I take the opportunity to make calls and send messages, an important activity is to strengthen my network of contacts and most of this block I spend on LinkedIn.

6:00pm a 9:00 pm

At home we eat / dine together as a family to end the day bathing the baby. We talk and relax a little.

At this time we watch television, due to my profession it is important for me to know what people consume in terms of entertainment. I have a habit of seeing many commercials …

9:00 pm a 12:00 am

At the end of the day I read a little after organizing the tasks for the next day and working a little more. At this time my brain is already asking for rest … but when required I stay a little longer to finish.

My day was accompanied with liters of coffee and some cigars (a very unpleasant habit that I am gradually leaving behind)

Many years I worked in the office and when compared with remote work what I like the most is to be able to share more time with my family and not waste time on unrelated things like transportation and meaningless interruptions.

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